Something got crossed in the transmission feed, and plans had to be changed a bit for this month. Fear not, however! This episode of Meet the Crew finds Assistant Director Edward Bosco putting Project Director Mark Allen, Jr. in the "hot seat" for once! Join the two of them as they discuss the origins of Project Protocol, what it's like to "wear every hat," and more!

We may have missed the Valentine's Day fun, but no reason not to still have a chat! Join Project Director Mark Allen, Jr. and Assistant Director/Miles Septimus voice actor Edward Bosco as they talk about what it's like to create a character in the Mass Effect Universe and some of the fun things that have happened behind the scenes! :)

Project Director Mark Allen, Jr. and Lead Musician Austin Lee Matthews sit down and have a long chat about the music of Protocol and what inspires them as they write for the show. Happy 6th Anniversary, Protocol Faithfuls!

The crew continues to explore Asteria in hopes of finding the missing operative... and hopefully staying alive!

Unfortunately, our Project Director screwed up again! Give us one more week, folks, and we'll have Episode 5 out for you! FINALLY!


New Episode 5 Release Date: 01/01/2019

A special message from Mark Allen, Jr., Director of Project Protocol. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

FILE 0924C-1

A special thanks for sticking it out with us over these last few years. Look forward to a special preview of Episode 5 next week!

Members of the cast give some... interesting commentary over episode 1.

FILE 0924B-1

A little bonus/apology for the extended wait for episode 5. New release date is September 15th!

Unfortunately, Episode 5 is not going to be finished on time. So here is a blooper reel featuring selected outtakes and bloopers from episodes 2-4. Enjoy!

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